Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rashy and Skinny

On Sunday I noticed that Claire had a rash all over her body. I thought it was a food allergy and gave her Benadryl, which had no effect. She didn't act like it was bothering her or itching, and she wasn't acting sick and didn't have fever. The rash seems to be getting better and drying out, but since it is still there today I took her to the pediatrician to have him look at it. I was supposed to take her in for a weight check soon anyway.

The doctor wasn't sure what the rash was. He didn't think it was a food allergy, said it could be a virus but she's not acting sick otherwise, and said it could just be eczema or dry skin. He told me to try switching soaps and putting lotion on her more often, and to bring her back next week if it's not better.

She weighed 17 lbs 10 oz on their scale today. She has gained 14 oz since 5 weeks ago, just shy of a pound. The doctor didn't seem overly thrilled by that and wants me to try to get her to drink more PediaSure and eat more. I have no idea how much she is supposed to be gaining, but she at least seems to be heading back up again on the chart.


Shireen said...

Come on, little Claire Bear!! Gain that weight!! You can do it!! Tell your mama to feed you more of that yummy caramel cake she got for her b'day! :) Hee hee hee! :)
Cindy, I've been ravenous and feeding my face the last two days! I'm at 12 weeks and starving! :)
You're a wonderful mommy!
Love y'all!

Elizabeth said...

These kiddos - they do what their milestones state they should - become more active and it has that effect upon their weight!

I hope she starts eating more to make up for all the other energy she is burning and she is going up - then I think these kiddos have their OWN growth charts and as long as they keep going up - the doctors should relax a bit - and so should the parents!

Keeping Miss Claire in my thoughts, prayers, LUNG FUNCTION and weight gain chants!

Tricia said...

CINDY!! What site did you get that growth chart on? I started one several months ago, and for the life of me can't find the site again!!! Please help!

Cadenne is by far my skinniest baby. She's actually lost 2oz since her 6 month check up. All my other kids have doubled their weight by four months, and C has yet to do that at 7.5.

I agree with Elizabeth... as long as she's staying on around the same curve I think it's ok!

Cindy said...

Here is where I got the growth chart. If you register/login it will save the data you enter, so you don't have to re-enter it every time.

Tricia said...

Yep! That's what it was! I already had all of her info in there, but was bummed when I couldn't find it again for some reason! Thank you so much!!