Wednesday, June 11, 2008

12-Month Checkup

Claire went to the pediatrician today for her 12-month checkup. She weighs 16 lbs 12 oz and is 29 inches long. She dropped off the percentile chart for weight, so they want us to continue giving her PediaSure and come back in 6 weeks for another weight check. She is also still anemic, so we've got to keep giving her vitamins and feeding her meat and other iron-rich foods. She has 5 teeth now and has been feeding herself finger foods for over a month (she refuses to eat baby food anymore). She eats pretty well, she just burns it all off. Maybe we should feed her birthday cake to fatten her up since she really seems to like it.

She had to get several vaccination shots today and got pretty upset. But afterwards the nurse gave her a cherry lollipop, which greatly improved Claire's outlook on life.

She had a cold last week that she caught from me. She ran fever for several days and had a runny/stuffed up nose. We almost canceled her birthday party because she was sick, but the fever broke the day before and she started feeling much better. Today the pediatrician listened to her lungs and looked in her ears and said all was clear.


Shireen said...

Claire is the just the cutest little thing!
Give her more b'day cake and lots of whole milk to fatten her up a bit!! ;)
I get anemic a lot, too, and I've added beets to my diet! :) Don't know if that'll help Claire. ???
Thanks for the picture and update!
Loved all the b'day pics, too!
Oh, she's so cute!!!

Fer said...

I'm glad Claire got rid of her cold before her bday party. About her weight, I'm sorry she didn't gain enough. Have you asked your ped about Duocal?. It's a powder you add to milk, pediasure or even food and it adds calories to the food. I'm going to use it for my older daughter who's reallu out of charts for weight.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Mimi has a similar development... She is 18+ pounds (she was actually 19 even with a cloth diaper on, so I guess she was 18.5 pounds), and 27.5 inches long... She is also a bit anemic and she got iron drops for 2 months...

Jennifer & Kenny Miller said...

So funny that you call Claire "Pete" for short, because we always call Sofia "Peetie" and have often said that we're sure people think it's strange we call her Peetie! Love the birthday pics, she's such a sweetheart!

Jen Miller
Sofia's Mommy

Amy AKA "Baba" said...

So cute! I have really enjoyed seeing her grow.