Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day

The weather is crazy! Last weekend it was warm and I was convinced that spring had arrived. This weekend it is freezing cold and snowing.

Fortunately Claire is prepared for all conditions. A couple months ago I bought her a Ralphie-like snow suit on eBay for 99 cents. I didn't think she would get a chance to wear it, but mother nature proved me wrong. I'm glad we don't live further north where I would have to bundle her up like this all the time -- it was a lot of work! She thought it was hilarious.

Getting Suited Up

When we got outside it was so bright that she couldn't open her eyes, so she got to sit in the snow but didn't actually get to see it...

Sitting In The Snow


Here are some more pictures from our snow day.


Angelle said...

Those pictures of Claire are the MOST adorable snow baby pictures I have EVER seen! Cute snow suit!

Christy said...

Now DATS a happy baby!
she looks like she's already learned to use the smiles and personality to her advantage! You go girl!

Elizabeth said...

Ebay is WONDERFUL at this age! Most of Noah's clothes from age 1 to 4 - EBAY or my mother! They grow too fast! Love the suit! She needs sun glasses! Isn't our southern weather odd - we had warm last week - rain - and now it is cold again! Very little snow this year!


Fer said...

Very cute pictures!

And now we're a family said...

Those pictures are adorable. We've been having crazy weather here too. It's been warm more than cold lately. Hopefully that's a sign of nothing but spring weather ahead.

THE WRIGHT'S said...


Shelli said...

These pictures are soo funny!!! She makes me laugh :o)