Friday, February 1, 2008


Claire got her monthly RSV shot today. Actually she had to get two shots this time because the dosage is based on her weight and goes up every time. They can't inject the whole dose into one leg anymore because her little muscle can't hold that much, so they have to split the dose in half and give a shot in each leg. She cried and cried. But I am thankful that she is getting these shots. I know of several kids who have caught RSV/bronchiolitis this winter and had to be hospitalized or given breathing treatments. At least that's one less thing for me to worry about.

Claire is getting more mobile everyday. She hasn't figured out how to crawl yet -- her preferred method of travel is still rolling. James calls her "tumbleweed" because she rolls across the room and picks up toys as she goes. I have started childproofing the apartment.

The exersaucer and doorway jumper have helped her to get a lot stronger. She is able to stand up and can sit unsuppported for a few seconds. She shows off her new skills to her daddy every night after dinner. The picture below looks like he is teaching her to water ski.

Claire has also gotten quite a bit rougher with her toys, but it's nothing a little duct tape won't fix.


Vicki Jensen said...

Haha! I can just picture her scoping out the room and deciding what toys to grab as she rolls around! I can't believe the photo of her standing (with James' help). She is getting so strong! Is she talking at all yet? Jack is still into babbling. I think the "Hi" I heard was a false alarm ;-)


Cindy said...

She is still babbling, but has been using more consonants lately. Her favorite word is "gee" and she says it when she is really happy. When she is really upset she says "mamamamama" in between cries. That's close enough to "mama" for me!

Amy AKA "Baba" said...

I was reading your old posts this morning and saw that your dad worked at Redstone Arsenal. My grandfather worked and retired from Redstone many years ago. My mom grew up in Huntsville.
It is great to read how well Claire did with everything. It also helped me see that she went home with the nasal cannula because while Liviana is on room air, she still may need that extra help from the air flow when she goes home. Now we just need to get the feeds going.

Fer said...

I've been reading your blog but haven't commented on it yet. Claire is so cute and I'm amazed how much she's grown and her milestones. My son Juan pablo is exactly the same age as Claire, only that he was born on june 1st. Congrats on such a beautiful baby girl.

Elizabeth said...

I .... love ... it!

And once they know how to say Mama - sometimes you want to change it! ;-) Noah was a Mommy's boy - he also for the longest time thought my name was "Sweetie"...

The photos are great!