Monday, February 4, 2008

First Tooth

I was carrying Claire this morning and she bit my shoulder and I was surprised that it HURT. I looked in her mouth and there is a little tooth poking through her gums on the bottom. She has been in an incredibly happy mood today -- I guess because that tooth finally cut through.

She is able to situp by herself for longer and longer periods of time. She sat in the cart at the grocery store for the first time on Saturday and loved it. I stuffed my fleece jacket around her so that she didn't flop over. Today she sat in the boppy pillow and played with some blocks. I stacked them up tall and she thought it was hilarious to knock them down.

She is also on the verge of crawling. This weekend she figured out how to get up on her knees and has been rocking a little. I predict that she will be crawling around by Valentine's Day. I told James we had better get some baby gates soon.

It is amazing how much she has changed in just ONE weekend.


Vicki Jensen said...

A tooth! That's so awesome, aside from the biting part. We keep giving Jack teethers but he just wants to grab my fingers and knaw on them! Claire looks so pretty in the photos. She's filled out and looks like a big girl now. I love the picture with the blocks. It's amazing how fast they learn things. I'm glad she's doing so great!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Congratulation on that first pearly white!!