Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Expect This!

I caught Claire reading my "What to Expect The First Year" book the other day, and I think she has been getting some ideas...

Doing Some Light Reading
She started eating dinner in her high chair rather than in her bouncy seat...

First Time in High Chair
She prefers taking baths in the "big" tub instead of her infant tub...

And she has been trying so hard to crawl. She has the fundamentals down, she just hasn't figured out how to put them all together...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rockin' and Rollin'

Claire is getting closer to figuring out how to crawl. She has mastered getting up on her knees and is doing some serious rocking. She propelled herself forward several times today and face planted, which she thought was funny. Silly girl. Once she figures out what to do with her arms she will be gone.

Her new tooth is poking out a lot more now. She keeps running her tongue over it trying to figure out what it is, and has become a drool monster.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Follow-Up Appointments

Claire had follow-up appointments at Children's Hospital in Birmingham yesterday. She weighs 15 lbs 3 oz and is 26 inches tall. Her chest x-ray looked good and her O2 sat reading was 99. They said we could stop giving her Zantac for reflux and just see how she does without it (I don't think she needs it anymore). They want to see her again in May, right before her first birthday.

It was one year ago today that we found out about Claire's diaphragmatic hernia during my ultrasound. She is doing SO WELL now and we feel incredibly blessed.

Monday, February 4, 2008

First Tooth

I was carrying Claire this morning and she bit my shoulder and I was surprised that it HURT. I looked in her mouth and there is a little tooth poking through her gums on the bottom. She has been in an incredibly happy mood today -- I guess because that tooth finally cut through.

She is able to situp by herself for longer and longer periods of time. She sat in the cart at the grocery store for the first time on Saturday and loved it. I stuffed my fleece jacket around her so that she didn't flop over. Today she sat in the boppy pillow and played with some blocks. I stacked them up tall and she thought it was hilarious to knock them down.

She is also on the verge of crawling. This weekend she figured out how to get up on her knees and has been rocking a little. I predict that she will be crawling around by Valentine's Day. I told James we had better get some baby gates soon.

It is amazing how much she has changed in just ONE weekend.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Claire got her monthly RSV shot today. Actually she had to get two shots this time because the dosage is based on her weight and goes up every time. They can't inject the whole dose into one leg anymore because her little muscle can't hold that much, so they have to split the dose in half and give a shot in each leg. She cried and cried. But I am thankful that she is getting these shots. I know of several kids who have caught RSV/bronchiolitis this winter and had to be hospitalized or given breathing treatments. At least that's one less thing for me to worry about.

Claire is getting more mobile everyday. She hasn't figured out how to crawl yet -- her preferred method of travel is still rolling. James calls her "tumbleweed" because she rolls across the room and picks up toys as she goes. I have started childproofing the apartment.

The exersaucer and doorway jumper have helped her to get a lot stronger. She is able to stand up and can sit unsuppported for a few seconds. She shows off her new skills to her daddy every night after dinner. The picture below looks like he is teaching her to water ski.

Claire has also gotten quite a bit rougher with her toys, but it's nothing a little duct tape won't fix.