Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lifting Up My Head

Claire has finally figured out how to lift up her head when on her tummy! Now that she can raise up she is able to flop over onto her back. She hasn't mastered this all the way yet, but is getting stuck less often. The girl is rolling all over the place and chattering! She has been taking lots of naps during the day because she wears herself out playing so hard.

We got settled into our apartment and are learning our way around Nashville. We found Target and Wal-mart so we are set. We have been looking at houses and are meeting with a realtor this weekend to go inside some of them. (Hopefully our house in Birmingham will sell soon.) We are also going to start visiting churches to find one we fit in at. I'm anxious to make some friends up here. Although Claire is a budding conversationalist, it is lonely being in the apartment all day while James is at work.

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