Thursday, November 8, 2007

Follow-Up Appointments

Claire turned 5 months old yesterday! We saw her surgeon and pulmonary doctor today at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. She weighs 12 lbs 12 oz and is 25 inches long. When I took her diaper off and laid her on the scale she peed everywhere and we had to start over again :-)

Everything on her chest x-ray looked good and her lungs are growing well. Her sat level was 98. She showed off by smiling and babbling to the doctors and nurses. They told me to continue giving her Zantac for reflux and increased her dosage since she weighs more now. They also want her to get a flu shot next month when she is 6 months old (oh no, not MORE shots!). The pulmonary doctor told her to not get sick this winter, and hopefully she will listen to him.

I told the surgeon we were moving to Nashville and asked if we should transfer to Vanderbilt for follow-ups. She thought it best if Claire keeps coming to Birmingham to see her until she is at least one year old. That is fine with me because I feel comfortable with her since she did Claire's surgery and has been involved with her case since before she was born. So we will come back down for follow-ups every three months until Claire turns one, then every six months until she turns two, then once a year after that. But if there ever was an emergency (reherniation, etc.) she said we would be in excellent hands at Vanderbilt.

James started his new job in Nashville on Wednesday and so far he really likes it. We rented an apartment up here until our house sells. I'm taking Claire back to Children's tomorrow for a hearing re-evaluation, then we are heading up there to check out our new digs.


Nicki Mann said...

She looks like she's doing VERY well... the epitome of a happy, healthy baby!

Tricia said...

Sounds like she's doing well! Way to grow! :)