Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cutest Baby

My stepdad entered Claire's picture into the Redstone Arsenal's cutest baby contest at his work. She won the cutest girl category and raised $136 for CFC. We got a gift certificate to Portrait Innovations and she will be listed in Redstone's next newspaper. I also entered the chick picture into Breath of Hope's Halloween Costume contest. The winner will be selected next week and wins a $25 gift certificate to Maybe JonBenét's mom was on to something -- just kidding!

This weekend Claire enjoyed watching football while we packed. She was particularly vocal during the Alabama vs LSU game...


Lindsey said...

I entered Carter in Sears Portrait costume contest. Everytime I go in there, I want to vote for him. There's only one other kid that would give him any competition I think. She's a littl Holly Hobbie and she really is cute.

Vicki Jensen said...

I can't stop laughing! That video is so awesome. I love the way you guys talk to Claire and she sounds like she understands every word and talks right back. Good luck with the move. How soon is that coming up? I hope you'll be able to continue giving updates on Claire soon after you settle in. I'll miss seeing her pretty face. It's no surprise that she'd win a cutest baby contest!
mom to Jack, LCDH