Monday, August 27, 2007

Daddy's Clone

Below is a picture of James when he was a baby compared to a picture of Claire. She definitely took after her daddy!

We hooked her to the oximeter all night on Thursday and her sats were 99 and 100 even when she was sleeping deeply. They downloaded the data on Friday to give to the doctor, so hopefully this week we will get a call saying they are coming to pick up all the oxygen equipment.

Claire has discovered her hand. She stares at it in amazement and then bops herself in the forehead with it. It has become her favorite daily activity. She has also started batting at her toys, whereas before she would just stare at them and get mad when they didn't move by themselves.


Evan Travers said...

Yes.... I definitely see the resemblance... I love it when babies discover the rest of their bodies. I'm guessing about a week or so and she'll be taking her socks off and throwing them on the floor... :D

Angelle said...

I found your blog through Emily's and I have been following along with you for a while now. I am so happy to hear how well Claire is doing. My new daughter was born 2 weeks ago so I can relate to where you are with Claire.

Vicki Jensen said...

So glad to see that Claire continues to do well. She does look a lot like her daddy in that picture too.


The Nanny said...

there's such a resemblence! she is absolutely beautiful!