Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First Pediatrician Visit

Claire visited the pediatrician for the first time today. When she left the hosptial on Friday she weighed 6 lbs 8 oz. Today she weighed 6 lbs 12 oz! I've been worried since we got home about her eating enough, but now I know that she's doing fine. I haven't supplemented her milk with formula since we got home because it upset her tummy so bad when we tried it at the hospital.

The doctor said our biggest concern should be keeping her from getting sick, especially before she is 6 weeks old and while she is on the oxygen. If she gets sick she will have to be re-hospitalized. He said we can take her out places, but no one needs to touch her except for me and James, and we need to wash our hands religiously (we have hand sanitizer bottles stashed all over the house). He wants us to bring Claire in to see him at least once a week until she is two months old.


Elizabeth said...

Just adorable! And way to go MOM and Claire on the weight gain! Will not be long before that 02 is gone too!

She is beautiful - and Noah loved sleeping on his dad's chest too!

Vicki Jensen said...

Way to go Claire. Good job gaining weight! We're still sending prayers from Maryland that Claire continues to do so well. It must be hard if people can't touch her...she's so cute! Congrats on the first successful pediatrician visit!!

Have a happy first 4th of July Claire!


Lindsey said...

I just cannot get over how cute she is. I also can't believe that dark hair. In my mind, I assumed she have light hair and very little of it. Maybe that because that's how Carter was. I don't know. Anyway, she is precious!

Vikki said...

She is just beautiful! I am so glad you guys are home.