Monday, July 9, 2007

Back On Oxygen

I called Claire's doctor this morning and told her about our trial run. She said we could leave Claire off the oxygen as long as her sats stay above 94. They have been staying above that most of the time, but dip down to 91 when she is sleeping so I put her back on. (When she's on oxygen her sats go up to 100.) At least she is getting closer -- she did a lot better without it this week than last week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,

Glad you guys are home now. All the pictures of Claire are so great. She is so pretty. I just love her eyes. You've got to bring her by Command Alkon soon and let us see her. We will see if we can spoil her for you since no one in her family is doing the job...hahaha!!! Just kidding, she is much loved and it is very evident by the pictures. She is a lucky little girl!!

Talk to you soon,

Debbie Smith

Jennifer said...

YAY!! That is great!! It won't be no time and she will be off it permanetly!!! YAY!

God Bless!
Mommy to Caden, LCDH 6-1-05

Anonymous said...

Cindy and James,
Claire is SO beautiful. Jeremy and I have been keeping up with the blog to see how things are going. We will continue to pray for all of you and can't wait to see you back at church. We are glad she is doing so well and enjoy all of the pictures and updates. God bless :)

Jamie Morgan