Friday, June 15, 2007

It Was the Tube!

Cindy said they re-intubated her, and it DEFINITELY WAS the tube that was clogged. They said it was definitely the equipment that failed and NOT the baby's breathing that was the problem. So now she is breathing MUCH better and they have "cranked up" the oxygen to get rid of the carbon dioxide that had been building up. Everyone is very relieved.


Gillian said...

Thanks for the update. Thank goodness it was the tube and she seems better now. My prayers are with you all...

and may God be with you, Baby Claire.

Vicki Jensen said...

I'm so glad to hear the news that Claire's surgery went well and that she's on the road to recovery.
Lots of prayers & positive thoughts from Maryland!
expectant mom to Jack, LCDH, EDD 08-27-07

Cathy said...

That may be why she was having problems with agitation. Not getting enough oxygen will cause that to happen. Glad that is taken care of.

She looks great. I can't get over how much better her tummy looks the day after surgery.

By the way, you make a very fetching looking "granny." I'm loving all the photos!