Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Good Life

Being at home has been awesome. We are able to cook real food -- no more disgusting hospital food. We can lay on the couch and take naps and watch TV. It felt GREAT sleeping in our own bed and not on a hospital recliner. And although it was interrupted by feedings, we got a lot of sleep last night because nurses and doctors weren't constantly coming in and bugging us.

Since Claire is tethered to the oxygen generator and oximeter, she is pretty much confined to our living room and bedroom. Her nursery is upstairs where she can't go yet, so we brought most of her supplies downstairs. They are somewhat organized into various piles. We put the Pack n Play beside our bed and she seems to really like sleeping in it. During the day she likes being held, sitting in her bouncy seat, and napping on the pallet we made for her in the living room floor. I can't wait until she gets off the oxygen and we can carry her around without worrying about all the wires.


Anonymous said...

Claire looks soooo much like her Daddy! I am glad you all are catching up on your rest. I really like looking at all the pictures of your family. Enjoy being home.
The Varnons

Vicki Jensen said...

Congrats on bringing Claire home. Enjoy every day. You guys all deserve the best. I'll continue the lung function chants and pray she can come off the O2 soon!


Carole said...

Oh...she is just TOO adorable!!!