Sunday, June 17, 2007


Claire got taken off the ventilator this afternoon! She no longer has any tubes in her mouth, just an oxygen cannula in her nose. Her throat is very sore from having the tube in there for so long, and her cries are still silent because her vocal chords are swollen. They are going to watch her this afternoon and do another blood gas to make sure she is breathing okay without the ventilator. There is a chance she might have to go back on it, but so far she is breathing just fine. James said it was the best Father's Day gift ever.

She also got moved to a big girl crib last night. When we got there this morning she was wrapped up like a little burrito, but the nurse said she must be hot-natured (like her daddy) because she kept wriggling out of the blanket. We brought some mobiles for her to look at and she was mesmerized by the aquarium one.

She had two poopy diapers this morning, which means her intestines are working fine since the surgery. They are going to try feeding her some milk tomorrow. Today we are going to try to get her to suck on a pacifier.

The nurse said that James and I can hold Claire tonight! We can't wait for the visitation hours to begin again.


Vicki Jensen said...

What a wonderful Father's Day gift! Enjoy every moment this evening when you are able to hold her. I pray that our little guy will do as well as Claire has. Keep up the great work!
expectant mom to Jack, LCDH, EDD 08-27-07

Cathy said...

That is a great gift and exciting news. We want loads of photos from tonight. Cuddles on Father's Day...yippeeee!!

Amy said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, James! I'm sure it's one you will NEVER forget--It's your first and your baby is in the hospital!! Love and prayers, Mark and Linda Johnson

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Words just cannot express how excited we are for you guys. The kids just gathered around the computer for our nightly "Claire watch". She is absolutely beautiful. We will continue praying for you. The Varnons