Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day Two

They took me off the magnesium on Friday night, and I finally got to go see Claire on Saturday. Right before I got there she opened her eyes for my mom and stepdad...

They moved her bed from the wall where the ECMO candidates are to another wall, because they no longer think she is a candidate (great news!) She was hiccupping all day, which the doctors were surprised at.

Last night the nurse let James and I give Claire a sponge bath. We changed her diaper and she has a very cute tooshie.


Cathy said...

Thanks for the update Cindy. You guys all looks so happy. Grinning from ear to ear. Isn't that just the best kind of love you've ever felt?

kathryn said...

So glad to hear an update. She is too precious! The video is very sweet. It makes us feel like we're not so far away.

Love & prayers -
Kathryn, Allan, Anna, Aaron, Grace, & Sam (who is ECSTATIC that he's not the youngest anymore!)

Gillian said...

She is so gorgeous. My prayers are with you and sweet Claire.

from a "friend" of your mom.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking Claire's blog hourly today and that video was definitely worth the wait. Claire is beautiful. At first I thought she looked like Cindy, now I am thinking she looks like James. You are continuously in our prayers.
Billy, Amy, Will, Anna and Abigail