Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day Twenty

The surgeon came by tonight and said we might get to go home tomorrow. They are waiting until they weigh Claire tonight before telling us for sure, to make sure that she gained.

She is still only able to drink about 50 mL at a time, and that completely wears her out. It takes a lot of effort for her to coordinate her breathing, sucking, and swallowing. And since her lungs are underdeveloped she burns more calories breathing than the average baby, which is why they are so concerned about her weight. I stopped trying to breastfeed her for now because it takes less effort for her to drink from a bottle and we can better gauge how much she drinks.

Besides gaining weight, another big concern is to keep her from getting sick. A cold could be devastating on her poor little lungs. We are going to have to limit her contact with other people, especially children, and especially this fall and winter during cold season.

The pulmonary specialist came by and said her lungs are moving air well. We are going to have follow up appointments with him over the next several months, as well as with the surgeon and with Claire's regular pediatrician. Everyone seems to think she will only need to be on oxygen for a few more weeks.

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