Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day Thirteen

This morning Claire's nurse was concerned that she had been spitting up after most of her feedings. They decided to reattach IV fluids to her PICC line so that she doesn't get dehydrated. They also started her on Reglan for reflux, but later switched her to Zantac.

They let me try to nurse her twice today. The first attempt didn't go very well, but she drank a little during the second attempt a few hours later. We had to finish up her feeding with a bottle each time to make sure she drank enough. She seems to have absolutely no interest in food, and it takes a lot of coaxing to get her to start sucking.

Tonight James and I fed her from the bottle, burped her, and then I asked the nurse to prop the head of her crib up. This did the trick, because Claire didn't spit up at all.

The audiologist came in today and checked Claire's hearing. She said everything was fine.


Cathy said...

My youngest had reflux. We were told to feed him in an upright position, burp him and then lay him on pillows so his torso would be elevated. After we started do that, he had no more problems with spitting up his food.

Hopefully the Zantac and keeping her head elevated after feeding will help her keep her milk down.

Shelli Smith said...

We had a time with Alli Claire not wanting to nurse a few days after she was born. There is a sugar/water solution they use for pain mgmt in babies that the babies absolutly love. I wouldn't do it often because it can cause a yeast infection, but you may try putting a drop in her mouth and then on you and see if she'll nurse better that way... It's worth a shot. Good luck and congratulations!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Cindy,

Wonderful steps Forward! Wow!

I continue to do my chants and prayers.

She is absolutely adorable!


Carole said...

She is making huge progress. I love reading these updates.

Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely, Claire is on her way. Baby steps are all it takes to start running. Don't worry and don't give up. Claire is doing great!

Love Lauren
Avery's Mommy 3/17/06-4/3/06