Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Seven

Claire is one week old today!

She is still really puffy and swollen from the surgery. The nurses weighed her tonight and she was 6 lbs 8 oz. We figure she probably really weighs around 6 lbs and the rest is fluid. They put a foley catheter in her today to help drain some of it.

They turned her ventilator setting up to 40 and her oxygen level to 55% today, mostly because she has been so zonked out and is letting the respirator do most of the breathing for her. She was more awake tonight and opened her eyes some. James read "Morris Goes to School" to her, complete with the moose voice. Later on she started crying a little bit so they gave her some more pain medicine. She is also on antibiotics. I imagine when we get there in the morning her vent will be turned down some more.

She has been making lots of sucking noises with her mouth today. Maybe that means she is ready to get that tube out of her mouth and eat some real food!

This evening James and I gave her a sponge bath and put some lotion on her. Then she got "accessorized" with a purple hairbow that one of the other NICU moms made for all the girl babies up there.


Jason said...

CUTE! Glad everything is going ok so far. Love Uncle Chris <--ahh sounds strange

Anonymous said...

I am Angel Avery's Grammy. I will say a prayer for Baby Claire and her family. She is beautiful!
Carrol Gardner

Anonymous said...

Claire is such a fighter, Its amazing shes so strong and made it through this. Shes one amazing little girl! Wish you and the family well! Take care baby Claire!
Friend of Angel Avery's mommy