Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day Nine

Claire had a great day today! Her oxygen percentage has been cut down to 24% (21% is room air) and her respirator rate has been turned down to 32 (she has to get down to 17 to be extubated). The nurse thinks she will probably be ready to come off the vent within the next few days.

She was very alert this evening. We gave her a bath and kissed on her and talked to her for a long time. It was very hard to leave at 10:00 when visiting hours ended.

Since Claire's body temperature has been pretty stable, they are going to move her to a crib tonight! She will get to wear real clothes tomorrow and we are bringing her mobiles up there so that she will have something interesting to look at.

Here is a video of us giving her a bath...

Here is a video of Daddy kissing Claire goodnight...


Vicki Jensen said...

I LOVE the videos of Claire. She's so beautiful. The Xrays before and after surgery are also amazing. Keep up the good work Claire!

Elizabeth said...


I have been silently - to you all - keeping up with Claire. But those lung function chants and my thoughts and prayers are still with you all.

You are a trooper Claire! Keep showing us all that!


Cathy said...

Happy Father's Day James!

She looks great and I can't wait to see photos of her in her crib with real clothes on. Ya'll enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

awww...Daddy did a great job with the batheing lol. She looks Excellent and VERY alert! what a beautiful little girl. Thinking of you all and praying that she will get to go home with you all real soon.

Best Wishes Everyone
Hugs and Kisses for Claire
Love Amanda