Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day Fourteen

Claire is two weeks old!

Today was more of the same -- try to get Claire to eat, try to get her to burp, try to keep her from spitting up. She lost a little weight when they weighed her last night, but I'm hoping when they weigh her tonight she will have gained it back. She is getting better at drinking from a bottle. Breastfeeding has not been successful at all, so I've decided to keep doing what works and just feed her from the bottle for now.

Claire needs to demonstrate that she is eating well and gaining weight and keeping her O2 sats up before they will let her come home. I'm hoping that early next week they will move her out of the NICU into a regular hospital room. She will probably come home with the oxygen cannula and have it for a little while.

We are absolutely sick of being at the hospital, and it kills us to have to leave her up there at night when we go home to sleep.


Anonymous said...

What she really wants is some mac and cheese.... get ready to buy stock in Kraft!

She is so darn precious! I am dying to see her!

~looks around desperately for a babysitter~

Christy Jordan

Vikki said...

She looks great! she is just recovering so well! May God continue to have his hand over her!

joyson said...

cindy, i know how hard it is to be at the hospital so much; it starts to feel like your second home. hang in there - it'll be time to come home soon! claire looks so cute in those pics.

One Day at a Time said...

It does have to be hard to be at the hospital so much and leave your precious baby there when you go home. Just remember....she has come so far these past two weeks, for her to make the progress she has so quickly is incredible! Claire will continue to be a miracle in your lives. You will appreciate so many things that others take for granted and that will make her even more special.