Friday, June 22, 2007

Day Fifteen

Claire did MUCH better with her eating today. She seems to be getting hungry now and is ready to eat after three hours. She gulped down her bottles easily and didn't spit up at all. When they weighed her last night she was 6 lbs 6 oz, so she is starting to gain.

They started reducing her oxygen flow in hopes to wean her off it over the next few days. The surgeon said she shouldn't have to come home on oxygen, which is a relief to us. She also said we would most likely move to a room early next week, which means no more visiting hours and I can spend the night with Claire.

Claire was very alert today and made all sorts of goofy faces. She also smiled several times, and reached out her hand to grab her fishies (aquarium mobile).


Anonymous said...

I am glad Claire is doing so well. I know that you guys are ready to have her home and be with her all the time. We are still praying for that very thing. Hang in there!!!

The Varnons

Aeryn said...

I worked up there last night 11p-7a and I got to meet little Claire, she is adorable! And I loved the pink bow in her hair. The nurses were amazed at how well she has done.
I know you are ready for her to be home, looks like it will be very soon!
Congratulations to you both! (Josh said to tell you congratulations too..)
Aeryn Peck

Anonymous said...

~gets out her pom poms to cheer for Claire~

YAY! I can't wait til she gets her own room, I know you'll love not having to leave!

I am SO GLAD she is doing so well!!! She'll be rubbing grilled cheese sandwiches on your nice sofa in no time at all!

~Christy Jordan

Carole said...

Awesome update. She's so beautiful...and I love the gorgeous head of hair!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Cindy that is GREAT!! I remember when Caden moved into a room. That was the best feeling in the world, next to him coming home of course. You will enjoy spending ALL day with her in a room alone. She is such a doll, by the way. She has so much hair! Caden didn't have that much hair until just a few months ago!!! LOL :)

God Bless!
Mommy to Caden, LCDH 6/1/05-very ACTIVE Toddler!!!