Friday, June 15, 2007

Day Eight

Claire gave us quite the scare today, but she is doing much better now. When we got there this morning the nurse told us her latest blood gas had not been very good. She did another one a few hours later and it was even worse. Her breathing began to look very labored. She listened to her lungs with a stethoscope and her right lung was wheezing really badly (she let James and I listen to it also). She called the respiratory therapist in to give Claire some albuterol to help with the wheezing. That helped a little, but made Claire tremble all over and her heart rate go up.

A little while later she started really having trouble breathing -- her poor little chest was heaving and all of her monitors started going off. The nurse paged the on-call doctor and also Claire's surgeon. They suspected the ventilator tube that goes into her trachea was clogged with mucus, and ordered a quick x-ray to be sure. It confirmed that the tube was clogged, so they extubated her and re-intubated her with a new tube. She started breathing much better after that, but was so tired out from all the struggling that she slept a long time. They ordered another blood gas a little while later and it was very good.

We talked to Claire's surgeon again this evening and she said the problem had nothing to do with Claire's lungs, that it was all due to the tube getting clogged. She said hopefully Claire will be off the vent before this becomes a problem again. Tonight they turned her oxygen level down to 36%, which is the lowest she has been at. Her ventilator rate is set to 45. They are going to keep lowering it this weekend, and we are hoping she will be able to come off the vent next week.

They removed her foley catheter this afternoon. She has lost most of the extra fluid and looks a lot less swollen. She had several wet diapers today, which she let us know about immediately (she HATES to have a dirty diaper).

We got to see her x-rays from before the surgery and after. On the first x-ray the gray stuff up in her chest on her left side is her intestines, and her stomach is the dark area in the middle behind her spine. The gray area on her right side is her heart. In the second x-ray everything has been moved down. There is now fluid filling her left side until her lung has time to expand and grow and fill up the space. Her heart is still shifted way over to the right, but will move to the center in time.


Gillian said...

So glad that they were able to figure out what was wrong and take care of it! What a difficult day for you all...

She is so sweet in the picture with her eyes open.

Thanks for keeping us updated. I can see that Claire has a wonderful Mommy and Daddy. Take care--you are in my prayers.

David said...

We've been lifting her up in prayers with each update. We continue to pray and rejoice as Claire grows and recovers! In Christ----David and Joyce Loyed

Sharon said...

I have heard from friends all over that are praying for Claire. One person talked with me today and said that God impressed upon her heart this morning to really pray especially for Claire. She didn't know any more about Claire other than what I had relayed over a crackly cell phone call yesterday, but she said the feeling was too strong to ignore. Wow-He is really calling out the warriors on her behalf!! Love to all, especially James on Father's Day Eve!!!

Carole said...

Baby Claire...continue to rock on little princess...this is just fantastic. The x-ray looks awesome. Sending lots of prayers your way that she is home soon!