Friday, June 15, 2007

Cindy Called to Update

This is Cindy's mom. She called this morning and said the baby's blood gases have gotten progressively worse throughout the day, and she was having a difficult time breathing. They gave her a breathing treatment which helped, but left her very shaky. They also put Claire on morphine because the other pain med was wearing off too quickly and they thought this would help her be more comfortable. They think her tube they intubated her with may be clogged with mucus. They x-rayed because they wanted to make sure, as it was very hard for them to get the tube in to intubate her the first time. They just came in and said they have to replace the tube, and asked Cindy and James to leave the nursery so they can do it. Hopefully, this is what the problem is. They also said it could partly due to all her fluid she's retaining so they are working to help that, too. Please pray for baby Claire, Cindy, James, and the doctors that are putting in the new tube.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting an update! I will say a quick prayer for them!

God be you all!
Mommy to Caden, LCDH 6-1-05