Friday, May 11, 2007


I went to my regular OB appointment yesterday morning and she hooked me up to a monitor because I've been having some mild contractions for the past week. I was having very small contractions every minute (I couldn't feel those) and some bigger contractions intermittently (I could definitely feel those, but they didn't hurt). I wasn't dilated any, but she didn't like that I was having the bigger contractions this early (32 weeks) or that the smaller ones were so rhythmic. She said she'd rather err on the side of caution since my baby already has problems and doesn't need to be born early.

So she admitted me to L&D so that they could give me some terbutaline (Brethine) to stop the contractions and monitor me for a few hours. Seven hours, three shots, and two pills later they got them to stop and sent me home with a prescription. Hopefully Claire will stay put for at least another month, preferably two. I think the doctors are just being extra careful.


baby Jackson said...

Hi. Those contractions are no fun. I started contracting at 30weeks. I basically contracted every five for a least a few hour every day until my due date when I went into labor. I was also on Terbutaline. Days that I worked 12 hours I would have to up my dose to 5mg. Hang in there I know it it is not fun but Claire needs to cook a little longer. Thinking and praying for you.

Aeryn said...

Well looks like I just missed you. Just finished my OB semester at UAB and I have to say you are in very good hands with those doctors, both attending and residents. They were absolutely amazing! I had to give alot of Terbutaline injections and they worked really well. I hope everything stays quiet for you in the next few weeks.
I will be at Children's this summer and I have already told a few of the NICU nurses that baby Claire will be there and to keep an eye out for her because she is a loved and special little girl. Josh and I are thinking about the three of you and keeping you in our prayers!

Aeryn Peck

carole said...

Hoping that the contractions stay stopped and Baby Claire can stay put for as long as possible.