Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No Test Results for Amnio Yet

This is Cindy's mom, Kathy. When we went with Cindy and James for the last ultrasound, the doctor told her we would get the results of the amniocentesis for the major potential problems in two to three days, but then it would be cultured and a full report would come in 2-3 weeks. Of course, we have all been anxious as it has been a week and no word from any of it. This morning Cindy was able to reach the doctor and was told that no report will be coming for at least 1-2 more weeks. She said they had so many patients, were backed up, etc. etc.
So for now, we wait.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the people who have commented on her blog, and others who have not commented but I know are praying, too. We just have to lift them up to God and continue to trust Him. I know Cindy and James appreciate all the prayers and good thoughts that have been sent their way. They know they have a lot of support from family and friends and will not have to deal with any of this alone. Cindy's step-dad and I will be going with them on March 8th to see the pediatric surgeon. Cindy, James and I will all be posting to keep everyone up to date on what we know.

We found some more current information on CDH and Cindy changed the link in her last post to it, so check it out. It was much more encouraging than some of the older information that is out there on the internet. I read this morning that a 21 week old baby was born and survived, so it's amazing what they can do for babies now.


carole said...

We are praying that the amnio results come back okay. I know it's so frustrating and scary to wait for tests like that. We are thinking of you all and holding baby Claire in our prayers.

IMOGEN'S MUM & DAD said...

Hi Cindy and James, just read your blog which I saw on Lauren's site. Your story to date is very similar to ours when our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with CDH at 20 Week scan. All I can say is keep faith and we'll say a prayer for Claire. I hope you can get some hope and encouragement from Imogen's story if you want to have a look at www.imogendyson.co.uk We'll follow your blog and keep everything crossed for Claire. God bless.
Barry, Lindsey and Imogen Dyson - England

Shawn C said...

Thinking of you and your family through the long wait.